Apr. 4th, 2017

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Con or Bust is an organization that helps PoC get to SFF conventions. They hold an annual auction fundraiser so they can do that. It’s a good cause, check them out!

This year Orbit Books is donating a signed Advance Reading Copy of Provenance. Which officially comes out October 3 of this year.

In fact the ARCs don’t physically exist yet, and won’t for a bit–I’m doing some small edits on the ms right now, and if my editors approve of them then they’ll hand things off to the wonderful folks in Production, who do all the stuff that turns a manuscript into an actual book. But as soon as there are actual, physical ARCs, Orbit will send me one, which I will happily sign and send off to the winner of this auction.

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So, lately all my posts here (or nearly all) are mirrored from annleckie.com, and crossposted over on Dreamwidth.

The recent LJ user agreement shenanigans have made me rethink even that passive engagement with LJ. Which is kind of a shame, because I do still look at my f-list. There are some folks I follow here who I don't other places. But a lot of those have gone over to the "mirroring blog posts on LJ" thing so I guess I'll go through and put those blogs in my feed reader.

Anyway. You can still find me at the blog, and over on Dreamwidth. And on Tumblr--I crosspost blog posts to my Tumblr too.


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