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This is mostly for the St Louisans who read my blog, because I don’t imagine it will do anyone else much good.

I found a place in St Louis that sells kouign-amann!

That place is Nathaniel Reid Bakery.

Nathaniel Reid himself–who is a very personable young man, he was behind the counter when I was there this morning–is apparently an award winning pastry chef guy. The bakery sells all sorts of cakes and macrons and croissants and things, plus coffee (including espresso and such) and hot chocolate (made from actual chocolate and milk and cream, he told me, not any kind of powder or syrup), and tea but it’s the usual afterthought tea generally is. They also have sandwich-sandwiches, and a small space to sit and eat.

I would tell you how the kouign-amann is but I was diverted by the breakfast sandwiches, which mine was even more delicious than it looked or sounded. It was also filling, so that box with the kouign-amann in it will have to wait a bit. But this is an excellent development!

Huge thanks to Anna Schwind for the heads-up on this!

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Date: 2017-04-09 04:48 pm (UTC)
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That kouign-amann sounds awesome! I didn't know what it was, looked it up on Wikipedia and found that it was made in Great British Bake-Off, so I'm going to have to look for that episode in my archives and hope that there's a Master Class episode for it. I don't know if I might have a chance making that work up here as I'm at 9,000'. Perhaps we shall see.

The best hot chocolate that I've had was a year ago this month at a game cafe in Omaha, NE. Absolutely wonderful. The four of us were rushing through me teaching the others to play a cooperative fire fighting game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue. We didn't finish the game as we arrived there an hour before closing, but we had lots of fun.


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